Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Giant Magnolia

The details: 22x28 in Sepia with yellow magnolias and multi color books
The words are all book titles and quotes from their favorite books.

I love this tree.  The concept is so fun, it has favorite books from the entire family from "Dirt on my Shirt" all the way to "Romeo and Juliet".  

Here is a small section for a better view.

And this is a brief slideshow showing some of the steps from beginning to final picture.

Friday, May 11, 2012

And a few more new things.
This was done for Mother's Day.
 A tree family
And this is a re-vamp of my own mother's tree.  Since the original was done we have had three additions to the family.  I really liked the original tree and didn't want to redo it so I added overlapping leaves for the new grandchildren(and did the same for those that were already on there, for symmetry)  It's  a little difficult to see but the new parts are raised and it is in a frame with a double recessed mat.

Hunter's Tree --  he absolutely needed a monster truck!

Sophia Rose -- girly and flowery

And more are coming....