How to Order

     Contact me directly at  Let me know your ideas.  Once we have come up with what you are looking for I will send you a quote.  I will then send you a Paypal invoice via e-mail(you do not need a paypal account to pay through Paypal) or you can send a money order directly to me.

A couple of other things about ordering.
     I ask for 2 weeks from the order time until shipping.  They do take time and I wouldn't want to send you something less than amazing just because of a time crunch.  In case of holidays I recommend a slightly earlier order time.  Most of the time it will not take a full two weeks but I will let you know when ordering if there is a chance it will take longer than that amount of time.  If you really need something done in a shorter period of time, please ask.  Depending on what I have going at that time it might be possible, but like I said above I want your tree to be everything you expect so I will tell you if it isn't possible.  I will start your tree when we have worked out the details you want included, but will not ship until payment has been received.  If you prefer to pay by personal check I don't have any issue with this but I will not ship until the check has cleared which will add additional days until you receive your package, keep this in mind when placing an order.

Any more questions?  Feel free to contact me about anything!